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Blog - What They Do Frontend & Backend Developers?

ennsoft,What They Do Frontend & Backend Developers?
  1. What are Front-end and Back-end Developer Duties?

    Ennsoft is working to provide the best service with its expert software team. Read on to learn about the duties of our developers who are part of our team.

    The front-end developer completes the designs of the sections on the website that users see, using various programming languages. At the same time, it makes client-side designs of websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript. It has tasks such as choosing the colors and font to be used on websites, and content placement.

    The back-end developer works to create user interface designs and test them, and to improve the performance of server-side designs. It works to plan the database management, make the server settings and bring the system to maximum speed. Back-end developer; It makes adjustments using technologies such as Python, Java, Ruby, ASP.NET, PHP. It is also among the tasks of software developers to convert interface designs into prototypes.

    • * Front-end and back-end developers ensure the sustainability of the code by producing reusable business modules. 

    • * They get responsive design by making designs mobile-friendly.

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