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Blog - Process of Software Projects

ennsoft,Process of Software Projects

Software Project Stages

  1. 1. Description of the Problem

Before we start to develop the software project, we, as Ennsoft, evaluate our customers' requests and needs. According to the data we have obtained, we define the problem and proceed to the analysis.

  1. 2. Making Analysis

After defining the problem, necessary analyzes must be made in order to implement the software project we have designed in our minds. For this, some questions about the project should be answered. Among these questions:

  • Who will use the software?

  • Which age group will the software program appeal to?

  • What are the occupations of the user group to be addressed?

After making the analysis about the program, we move on to the cost analysis and determine the budget of the project. 

  1. 3. Designing the Program

After the analysis of the program is completed, we move on to the design of the program. First of all, the algorithm of the codes to be written should be created. In order to determine the algorithm, details such as the area of ​​use, desired performance, security and the system to be used should be considered.

  1. 4. Program Coding

After the algorithms are created, it's time to code. As the Ennsoft team, we are writing a coding suitable for the program to be created. We start testing the program by choosing a program language suitable for the purpose the program will serve.

  1. 5. Testing the Program

After the coding process of the software project is finished, we move on to testing the program, which is the final stage. It is possible to encounter program-related errors during the initial testing phase. The purpose of testing the program, which is the last stage; this is it. We fix the errors by noticing the errors of the coding. After the testing phase, we obtain a ready-to-use software project.

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