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Blog - Frequently Used Software Technologies

ennsoft,Frequently Used Software Technologies

Although there are many software technologies, the whole world and especially EnnSoft We will tell you a little about the software technologies that we use frequently. The Software Technologies and Data Management Systems we are talking about are among the most used in this sector.


Node JS: Chrome V8 Engine, Node js. is called. Javascript-based Node js. has a fast and dynamic structure.


React Native: React Native, UI; The software that uses its components is the framework. React Native, which is used to develop more mobile applications, allows you to create successful interfaces. React Native, which will make your work easier, provides both Android and IOS-based work with a single code. Thus, it is a software technology that will not waste your time.

React JS: While React Native is for mobile apps, React js is used for interface designs of web apps. It is a quick solution to use. React js is an open source front-end library. User interfaces can be created with React js, which can be used on different platforms. React was created by Facebook employees. The user interface of the Instagram website; It is also prepared by React js.

Express JS: It is a Node js based web application server. Express js allows you to quickly and easily create a robust API with unlimited HTTP helpers and layers.

MySql: One of the most popular data-based management systems, MySql is open source . Usable with all programming languages, MySql performs well even on large data.

Mongodb: Mongodb, which is a NoSQL database application, is an open source software technology. Having a pluggable structure, Mongodb provides driver support for most programming languages.

Postgresql: Postgresql, an open source database management system, is reliable and It is addable. It is especially preferred by beginners. Usually used for back-end development, Postgresql has wide operating system compatibility.

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